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Our mission is to maximise your property’s potential

Broll Namibia is a strategic partnership between the Broll Property Group of South Africa and the Ohlthaver & List Group of Companies in Namibia. Both entities have representation on the board of directors but management is entirely Namibian based.

Broll Namibia manages a property portfolio in excess of N$900 million. This includes some of the most prestigious buildings and shopping centres in the country. We have earned a reputation for delivering quality effectiveness and value.

We have built up an extensive database of properties and related information, enabling us to give unique insight into the Namibian property market and thus providing our clients with valuable market information to assist in making property-related and investment decisions.

Broll Namibia comprises a highly focused team of property professionals with the skills to provide industry-leading service levels.

Our commitment to our customers is straight forward:

  • To serve your best interests first
  • To deliver quality and relevant information from our vast pool of experience
  • To understand your business and ambitions – to become your problem solver and opportunity creator
  • To be committed to making deals happen for you
  • To constantly add value by improving the quality and strength of our relationships with our customers base
  • To provide solutions tailored to the Namibian market but with the assistance of our international connections
  • To deliver on what we promise and to promise what no-one else can deliver

Internationally accredited

Our management and administration systems carry the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. This means that all out property-management processes are at a global quality standard.

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